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    Registration Process

  • Register for the Placement/Scholarhsip Test by calling the school or using the form located in the Open House packet.(Students from the Holy Cross System Elementary Schools do not need to register for the test because it will be given in your home school.)

  • Take the Placement/Scholarship Test on Saturday December 9, 2017 at Holy Cross High School from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. For more information regarding the Placement Test for Holy Cross High School, please see "Important Dates."

  • On Febraury 7, 2018, at Holy Cross High School a general meeting will be held with all parents of students who have taken the test to explain the test results, curriculum, and subject possibilities for the 9th Grade.

  • Private interviews will be arranged with each family to choose the correct course of studies for the freshman year and to begin the scheduling process. Appointments will be made during the month of March.

  • Please feel free to call the school at 570-346-7541 at any time if you have questions or are in need of futher information.

    Welcome to Holy Cross!
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