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    Important Dates for Registration and Admission

    August 29, 2017
    First Day of School for students
    October 29, 2017
    Holy Cross Open House
    December 9, 2017
    Placement Test Date for public school transfer students. Holy Cross System feeder school students will have an opportunity for testing during the school day at their junior high school. For more information regarding the test, please see below.
    December 16, 2017
    Placement Test (SNOW DATE)
    February 7, 2018
    Parent Registration Meeting for incoming Freshmen and transfer students.

    About the Placement Test

    The High School Placement Test (HSPT) is required of all incoming students into grade 9. Transfers to the upper grade levels are not required to take the HSPT.

    The High School Placement Test will be administered in all the feeder schools in the Holy Cross system, and any student not in our feeder schools will be able to take the HSPT on Saturday, December 12th. The test starts at 8:30 A.M. with registration starting at 8:00 A.M. Students can pre-register by calling the school (570-346-7541) or completing the registration form that was part of the open house packet. Students may also register at the school the day of the test. Saturday, December 19, is the snow date test in case of cancellation due to inclement weather. Cancellations will be posted on television stations WNEP-TV, WYOU-TV, and WBRE-TV.

    The High School Placement Test is made up of five sections. They are the Cognitive Verbal and Cognitive Quantitative Sections and the Basic Skill Sections of Reading, Mathematics, and Language. The HSPT is a standardized test and the student results will be compared to both local and national scores. The test takes approximately two hours and forty-five minutes to complete. There is no charge for the test. Test results will be available on Tuesday, February 9, 2015 in the Holy Cross High School auditorium at 7:00 P.M. Results of the test given at the feeder schools and will be used to determine Scholarship awards. Students unable to take the HSPT on any of the scheduled date(s) can take the test at the high school by calling the school to set up a test date.

    Special Note for Transfer Students

    Transfer students will be considered for admission by calling Mrs. Cathy Chiumento, Assistant Principal, for an interview appointment. Families should bring with them a copy of their high school transcript and any grades to date, including their present class schedule. Please call the school for more information or to schedule an appointment.